Hemp to Solve Iowa’s Water Problems

Aaron Schoeneman Environment

In 2013, Iowa enacted the Nutrient Reduction Strategy in response to alarming excesses of nitrates, phosphates, and other pollutants in Iowa’s groundwater. These excess nutrients flow to the Mississippi River and into the Gulf of Mexico where they pool and evolve into a hypoxic “dead zone” impairs marine life and threatening local economies. Iowa’s water quality problem has been magnified …

Hemp Road Trip

Boris Shcharansky Events

Calling all Iowa Hemp Supporters!!! In conjunction with the Heartland Hemp Company here in Iowa and national organizations like the National Hemp Association and the Hemp Road Trip, we are proud to announce our upcoming Caucus events schedule! Friday, January 29, 2016 5:30 PM – 7 PM The Hemp Road Trip will be stopping off at Dehner Distillery located at …

Shores Event

Boris Shcharansky Events

Thank you to everyone for coming out to the Shores at Five Island in Emmetsburg on Monday night! We had a great showing and a very fruitful discussion, with a number of local farmers joining us. Stay tuned to upcoming presentations in Newton and Bettendorf/Dubuque Areas! [images picture_size=”auto” autoplay=”yes” columns=”1″ column_spacing=”13″ scroll_items=”” show_nav=”yes” mouse_scroll=”no” border=”yes” lightbox=”yes” class=”” id=””] [/images]

Hemp as a Solution to Soil Compaction and Erosion

Aaron Schoeneman Industrial Hemp

Aaron Schoeneman, Founder and Director, Iowa Hemp Association Since the beginning of time, existence was understood to be dependent on a symbiotic relationship with the environment. While this is still true today, many modern farm practices stress the land in the pursuit of reaching the needs of an ever-growing population. For example, focusing on only two major agricultural crops, corn …

Local Organization Pushing For Lawmakers to Allow Legal Cannabis Growing

Boris Shcharansky Legal Cannabis

Source: WhoTV DES MOINES, Iowa — A local organization is pushing for lawmakers to allow farmers to grow the cannabis plant legally. The Iowa Hemp Association formed this year and is traveling Iowa on what it calls a statewide educational campaign. “We are the only country in the industrialized world that doesn’t grow the product, said Co-Founder Boris Scharansky. “All …