Iowa Hemp Association Fields of Opportunity Educational Hemp Tour!

Boris Shcharansky Events

We are at it again! The IHA – Iowa Hemp Association has scheduled a brief tour between Fort Dodge and Emmetsburg! As some may be aware, the counties surrounding these cities were major hemp cultivation centers during the “Hemp for Victory” campaign in the 1940s and, previously, throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Today, Emmetsburg is the center of PoetDSM’s cellulosic ethanol plant, which currently is designed and commissioned to convert cellulose from corn stover to ethanol alcohol. Our presentation will focus on the advantages of utilizing industrial hemp in place of current feed stocks, including overviews of current technologies being developed and implemented for hemp processing in the 19 states with industrial hemp programs.

In addition, we will be featuring speakers on the environmental benefits of hemp, its historical use in the United States and an overview of current state and federal laws governing hemp cultivation.

We are inviting farmers, local community leaders, law enforcement officials and concerned citizens to this event, free of charge!

Pizza and drinks will be provided on-site for attendees. Please message the Iowa Hemp Association for any further information!

The Shores at Five Island
14 North Lawler, Emmetsburg, Iowa 50536
October 12 – October 13