Hemp oil company potential alternative for cannabidoil patients

Boris Shcharansky Hemp Oil

Source: The Daily Reporter

In the aftermath of the Medical Cannabidoil Act, many families with children or other family members with intractable epilepsy are working through the process of getting the cannabidoil treatment that may have an effect in treating seizures. Of the oils that have been most effective, Charlotte’s Web is the most well-known, developed by the Stanley Brothers in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

But a Des Moines company, Heartland Hemp, claims it may have a more attainable solution. Because their product is made from hemp, not cannabis, it is legal under federal and state law and is not affected the Medical Cannabidoil Act.

Boris Shcharansky, the CEO of Heartland Hemp, said his work recently has primarily involved sitting down with families and talking about his product and the deluge of information and opinion regarding hemp oil and cannabis oil as a medicinal product.

“I’m not here to heavily market a hemp extract,” he said. “It’s not necessarily my primary basis.”

Heartland Hemp is approaching the hemp industry from several angles. Shcheransky noted he sits down with people, offers them information and answers questions they have regarding hemp CBD (cannabidoil) and cannabis oil. He also wants to generate support for reintroducing hemp as an agricultural crop in Iowa.

“It used to grow here,” he said. “We want to build a grass roots effort and eventually get the support of the Farm Bureau for an industrial hemp bill in 2016.”

Locally, Mike Heuck, who was active in the push for the Medical Cannabidoil Act last year and whose daughter faces daily challenges with intractable epilepsy, noted he and his family are “cautious.”

“We are proceeding with caution,” he said. “When it comes to this industry, the Stanley Brothers are seen as cutting-edge, and so far we’ve been working with them.”

In the last week, Heuck noted he and his family received the Iowa Cannabidoil cards they needed in order to legally possess the product in Iowa. He said in the next month, his daughter will be ready to move forward with the next step of the process.

The journey to this point, however, has not necessarily been clear-cut.

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