Hemp oil offers Siouxland girl relief from multiple seizures a day

Boris Shcharansky Hemp Oil

Source: KTIV

Fonda, IA (KTIV) –Harli Kirkpatrick found relief from dozens of seizures a day by taking a small dose of hemp oil at morning, and one at night.Harli was diagnosed with Angelman’s Syndrome at 13 months old. It’s a condition that leaves people with little to no speech ability, and delays growth milestones much later than the average child.

Harli couldn’t sit up until she was nearly 2 and a half years old.

It’s a condition often misdiagnosed as Cerebral Palsy or Autism.

“As a parent of a child with a rare disease, you find yourself as a parent trying to educate the doctors,” Harli’s mother Tami Mugler says. “That in itself is frustrating.”

Epilepsy is another symptom of Harli’s condition, and she’s had periodic seizures throughout her life.

As Harli hit her twenties, her epilepsy escalated.

For a period of three straight years, Harli started seizing 7-20 times a day, episodes lasting 10-20 minutes. Mugler says Harli stopped smiling, interacting, feeding herself; Harli had stopped living, and was only existing.

“It was so heartbreaking to watch her be like that all day, every single day,” Mugler says.

Harli tried dozens of medications to no avail. Then, a mutual friend introduced Mugler to Boris Shcharansky. He owns and operates Heartland Hemp, a supplier of the hemp extract oil in Des Moines.

“What we have is a pure CBD [cannabidiol] extract,” Shcharansky says. “CBD is the strongest anti-inflammatory found in nature.”

After watching Harli “take medicine for her medicine,” Mugler says she was ready to give the CBD extract, the hemp oil, a shot.

“He gave her a month’s worth for free,” Mugler says. “He said, ‘I know it’s expensive. Let’s just see if it helps her.’ We gave her the hemp and immediately saw a decline in the amount of seizures she was having a day,” Mugler says.

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