Company Offers Solutions To Iowa’s Cannabis Law

Boris Shcharansky Law

Source: WhoTV

DES MOINES, Iowa — Thursday a group of lawmakers met to discuss the state’s medical cannabis law. Parents and medical professional testified that it’s filled with problems, and some lawmakers agreed. Iowa parents wanting to take advantage of the state’s medical cannabis law continue to hit road block after road block. Families that qualify under the law can’t access the oil because the state is still working on implementing rules. Once those rules are set, buying medical cannabis in another state and transporting it across state lines would be illegal.

That’s where i-CANN hopes to step in and help. “There are certain things we can do now to allow for the distribution of this oil that`s available nationally and in different states that`s produced from hemp that`s our short term solution for the state of Iowa,” says iCANN CEO and Co-founder Boris Shcharansky.

Shcharansky’s company aims at providing cannabis products to consumers. He’s worked with patients, doctors and lawmakers to help provide cannabis solutions in Iowa.

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